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Risky Business Dream

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

As every entrepreneur knows all too well, creating and establishing a new company is a semi-daunting and risk-taking endeavor.  Fears of failure, uncomfort, self-doubt, and the unknown all surely cross one's mind, and yet, we as business owners still pursue it anyways.  Undoubtedly, the risk seems curious for most outsiders.  Whether it is the passion for the product, love for the work, or dreams of success - for entrepreneurs, the juice always seems worth the squeeze.  Howard Schultz says, “Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.”


The definition of risk, according to Google, is, “a situation involving exposure to danger.”  It is clear that successful entrepreneurs gauge risk differently than any other professional field.  Risk-taking tends to be much more calculated, thought out, and established, rather than simply taking a leap of faith.  The endeavor they find themselves venturing into has been engineered for hundreds of hours, extensively planned, and ready to be executed.  So, is there even risk, as by definition, that is being taken?

With proper planning, a stellar team behind you, and a ton of proper execution - the sky is the limit.  Performance is everything, and the idea of business uncertainty just doesn't seem as relevant when all the necessary pieces of the puzzle are put together.  Risk more than others think is safe - because you know that you are prepared to take on the challenge, and failure can only result if proper execution is not conducted.  Every good entrepreneur understands that only outsiders see their ventures as “risk,” but that with the proper team of experts, any idea can become successful with enough time and effort.


Only those who are willing to have extravagant dreams create meaningful, life-changing, or world-altering products.  Dreams are the fuel for success, and without them, the world as we know it would very possibly not be here.  Those who are willing to share their dreams are the ones who end up changing the world.  No dream is too big, and if you shoot for the moon, the worst case is that you'll end up among the stars. 


Josh Orlinsky

Managing Partner

Equiturn Solutions

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