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Becoming the Perfect Manager

Is there truly a perfect manager and if there was, have you ever had one yourself? Or is being a great manager just a fantasy all employees hope for and all managers aspire to be?
Ron Krudo Explains 3 leadership styles that can help you lead your employees to success

Is there truly a perfect manager and if there was, have you ever had one yourself? Or is being a great manager just a fantasy all employees hope for and all managers aspire to be?

In my years of studying management and being a manager myself, I have learned one key factor that has impacted what we all believe is the perfect manager, it’s us! Every employee relates differently to their managers and the type of management style that helps them succeed. Depending on the needs of each employee, a manager might need to change their approach from one person to the next. That’s why it’s difficult to truly become the perfect manager, but you can utilize the traits of multiple management styles to be the manager each of your team members will respect in their work to reach their full potential and more.

Here are a few types of management approaches you can use to be the perfect manager

  1. One of the glorified types of managers and the one most synonymous with the “perfect manager” is The Leader or Follow by Example Manager. This manager strives to show their team that they would do anything they ask their team to do. They are also known to ask questions to better understand the challenges their team is facing to help their team overcome those challenges. These managers tend to elevate their team with constant positive reinforcement to show employee appreciation. This management style works great with employees that need constant reassurance and want someone to look up to in times of need.

  2. The Independent Manager is not as common but works great in certain work environments. These managers give a lot of leeway and freedom to their team because they tend to be overly busy with their own work. These managers offer advice when asked and check-in sporadically giving a lot of freedom to their team members. This management style is perfect for independent and self-starter employees. This is an amazing style for “work from home” positions that require minimal oversight.

  3. The last management style is The Task Manager or less formerly known as the “Micro-Manager”. These managers tend to hold frequent meetings and one on ones with their teams. They require strict task lists to be shared with them so that they can review every day's priorities. Finally, they are known to check every piece of work before it is submitted and are a perfectionist with anything being presented. While most people view this as a bad style, there is a large group of people who love constant check-ins, strict deadlines, KPIs, and meetings. If you have anyone on your team that needs to be told what to do for them to do amazing work, then this is the perfect style for them!


These are just a few styles in a long list of management approaches that can make you the perfect manager. While it is hard to imagine embodying all of these types of management styles, it is important to try your best to adjust depending on your employees. This means that while you may be perfect for one employee, you may not be perfect to another unless you remember that you can adjust to meet the needs of your team.

If you need help with your management style or need a strategy to best motivate your employees, the Equiturn team of management experts can help you perfect your approach. Contact us today for more information.

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