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October 2020 Newsletter

Q4 is here! It is time to wrap up 2020! Make sure you taking this time to restructure all business processes for 2021. We outlined a couple of tips on how to get started!

  • Analyze, Audit, Evaluate

    • Utilize this time to clean your finances. Dig through those profit n' loss statements and check your audit trail. Make sure your finances stay consistent and reflect the year your business had. Evaluate your findings! There could be areas that can be restructured and funds better allocated.

  • Proactive Spring Cleaning

    • Clean out your contact list! This could give you an opportunity to reach out to those sleeping beauties that didn't pan out earlier in the year? Check on them! See what they're up to!

  • Outline 2021 Goals & Milestones

    • Initiating these steps can help you map out what you'd like 2021's outcomes to be! It'll help you lay a #foundation for the #timeline and #benchmarks your company will need to achieve in Q1 for a successful rest of the year.

  • Talk To Your Team

    • Take this time to connect with your team. It hasn't been an easy year in terms of mental stability. Make sure you are checking in with your employees and acknowledge their mental health.

  • Team Appreciation

    • It's small appreciations that make all the difference in a corporate setting! If your team is working hard for you make sure you acknowledge their efforts from being the first person online during #WFH or acknowledging a team player that has been consistent throughout the year!


We want to hear from you entrepreneurs! Let us know how your year is going! We definitely came across a couple of encounters that made us alter and improve our business processes. We wanted to hear what were some of your #business #challenges this year?

Send us a message!

These months have felt nonstop!

If you're working on the weekends like usual,

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We'll be hitting different segments while answering all of your questions live in hopes of gearing everyone for a great weekend and welcoming everyone to our platform.


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