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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Management consulting is an industry that has been around for decades. Practitioners have utilized the same methods and revenue models since its market inception. So, why did we decide to completely change a model that appears to have worked so effectively for so many years?

As consultants, we love our jobs because our passion lies in helping people reach their ultimate dreams. Small business is the backbone of the United States, and the American dream is still as alive as ever. But, throughout our history, small business and dreamers continue to find roadblocks to their success or ultimate growth. From our experience consulting at various firms, each one of our team members noticed one glaring issue within the industry - the excessive fees that were being generated without the promise of anything in return to the client. At times, the consulting firm would become more of a financial burden to the client that it was helping. Especially in the restructuring space, this problem was more apparent than any other.

When a company is struggling, resources are scarce, yet the corporation is in desperate need of outside counseling to guide them through hurdles that they may otherwise not be able to overcome. Yet, if the fees being generated are excessive, the practice becomes counter-intuitive, and the corporation may as well have just continued on their own path without consulting assistance.

We decided that we wanted to prove to our clients that we are invested in them and their success, literally. Our corporate mission is to help businesses reach their goals, and to never become an additional burden, only a solution. We created Equiturn to provide a better option for companies that are looking to grow their businesses or restructure, while not having to risk their financial future in the process. We help businesses succeed, and we do our very best not to take a dime until they do.

Joshua Orlinsky


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